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Pup's Availible

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Female 1-1/2 Available
Female 1 -2/2 Available
Female 2-1/2 Available
Female 2-2/2  Available
Male 1-1/2 Available
Male 1-2/2 Available
dog 1
dog 2

When choosing your new companion Take your time and do your research. An important concern when selecting your puppy is the pup's temperament. You are buying from one of the best breeders in the business, so please be aware that we will treat you with the utmost respect and honesty that you truly deserve. It is very important that you treat your new pup/dog as part of the family, providing love and affection as you would your very own child. I am always happy to speak to you about any concerns you might have. For info about purchasing a bully from DCK please click here.